Friday, December 12, 2008

Updates Soon!!

Hi peeps!!!

I know..i know...I haven't updated my blog for sometime :)...Sorry, but I've been very busy with work, hols, sales!! & the 2 active kids.....Anyway, new bags will be coming soon, especially new Coach handbags which cost way cheaper than retail price, Anya Hindmarch handbag for Target, etc...I'll try my best to regularly update my blog (with the miracle of my new Ipod 'Wi-Fi' enabled Touch!!!)-my New Year resolution. But I don't know whether I can edit posts thru my Ipod. Any ideas peeps??Tak try la pulak...

Check out my blog regularly in the future!!!

Shop!shop!shop!Malaysia is on sale!!!!

p/s: It's a miracle!during the long break tadi...I tak shop apa2 pun although Gap, MNG is on sale!!! (tapi I'm guilty of purchasing a lovely, cheap Anya Hindmarch tote-a large Nevis Dark Silver tote this evening)....hehehehhe

I bet Zara will be having their sale soon as well!!!Watch out for the large white canvas in front of their shop (look at the reflection below the window & you can see the red SALE sign being put at the window), the day before their sale...hehhehe saikopath...

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azwahas said...

hahaha mmg saiko, siap tgk reflection from window lagi..hihi..

cepat2 update ur blog, mana tahu bley i contribute in ur tabung LV..hehehe