Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Updates Coming Soon

Sorry peeps for not updating my blog for quite sometime. Been very busy with the bloody water injection project hahahhahaha...anyway, some stuff to let go:

a) Black leather Furla satchel handbag - preloved item. Used to be in love with Furla handbags, unfortunately, nowadays their collections loook a little bit `mature` (i`m not going to say ugly) hehehe
b) Gin & Jacque diaper bag - used to be obsessed with diaper bags, but got the ultimate diaper bag recently from LSS..loving it!!
c) Promod brown bag - also used to be in love with Promod bags. But have to let it go to make way for new ones :p
d) some other stuff - x boleh blog dah bangun daaaa out peeps :)

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