Thursday, August 13, 2015



The much awaited event of the year to most bagaholics but prolly not so much this time around due to our currency being at an all time low *cries*. 

Nevertheless, we strive to keep the prices reasonable and within the budget to ensure that you will still be able to get your hands on that much coveted bag. :)

Travel date is in November, which enables you a 4 months installments option for your payment...Yay!! 

YOU WILL NEED to complete your payment by November 15th, 2015 failing which, we will not proceed to get your bag. (Past lessons learnt). 

Please note that all bags shall come with cards, dustbag and paperbag! We will however request for a gift box and gift receipt only IF your order is a big ticket item! (ie Chanel, Hermes, selected range from LV).

So what are you waiting for! Kindly inquire and book your slots now!!!!

p/s: keep a lookout as I'll be posting the prices up soon!


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