Monday, August 5, 2013


Hi Peeps,

Pre-order Europe for Longchamp and LV is now closed.
I can still spare 5 more extra slots for those interested. Please email me at to enquire.


Hi Peeps!! 

Just to update, slots for LV and Longchamp are fast taken up! 

I had reserved only 5 slots for each bag orders. (Example: 5 for neverfull, 5 for speedy's etc etc) so do place your orders fast before I wrap up the pre-order slots! :)

Let me know too if you have other bag brands in mind and I will quote you the price. 

Please note that I won't reserve any slots for you until the first payment has been made. 



Hello beautiful people!

Just to let you know that slots are fast filling up. I didn't expect such great response so thank you in advance for your support!! :D

Please be reminded again that all payments are to be completed by September 10, 2013. I forgot to mention in my earlier posts (but I have informed buyers via personal email) that if we are unable to get the bag you ordered, a full refund will be given because that is only fair.

But in the event that the payment was never completed, then no. We will not even proceed with getting your bag and your deposit isn't refundable either. Hope that is clear.

Nevertheless, thank you again for the support and we look forward to bringing back your goodies!  :)

p/s: slots are still available. Please do email to enquire.


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