Monday, July 6, 2015


Hello gorgeous people!

If you scroll along  previous posts you will noticed that some of the bags are still available with further discounted prices. Yay!

We have also opened up pre-orders for Longchamp and soon for other European brands! Do keep a lookout and don't hesitate to email or whatsapp (the number's on IG (bagaholicmommies) to enquire. 

There will be a trip abroad in November, and similar to previous trips, we are offering you the option of paying in installments which you will be further advised. Do note that you will need to complete the payment before the trip takes place and should the item you want is not available, your money will be refunded. We are still working out on the prices especially with the current exchange rate and hoping to get the best deals for you. Our is not a full time business but more of a hobby and making people happy (Amin!!) ... But nevertheless, we wholeheartedly appreciate and will forever be grateful for your warmth and support!!!

Our apologies also for any the late replies you might be receiving as sometimes your email went to SPAM, and we would have totally overlooked this! 

Wishing you lovelies a happy shopping and don't hesitate to email to make your inquiries! 

The Bagaholic Mommies :)

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