Friday, September 7, 2012


Hi Peeps,

Okay, no more slots for pre-order Europe. All slots have been taken up by the buyers as per the names below:

1) Sherry 
LV Neverfull GM (Monogram)
2) Aida 
i) LV Speedy Bandouliere 35 (Monogram)
ii) Marie Purse
iii) Longchamp Victoire Large Long Handle in Bordeux

3) Wan
LV Totally MM (Monogram)

4) Noorul 
Longchamp LM Medium Long Handle in Vieil Or

5) Lyssa 
LV Neverfull MM (Monogram)

6) Christie 
i) LV Neverfull MM (Damier Ebene)
ii) Longchamp Victoire Medium Long Handle in Bordeux

7) Priscillia 
LV Delightful PM (Monogram)

8) Nina 
LV Delightful MM (Monogram)

Thank you for your support!

p/s: All buyers have been individually e-mailed to remind you on your next payment. Kindly check your inbox! :)

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