Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Dear All,

As you are aware, I have earlier closed the pre-orders for my Europe Trip. However, I can still accept another TWO (02) more slots ONE MORE SLOT!! so please do hurry if you would  like to confirm your slot and place your order(s)!!

Below are names of those who have paid deposits and confirmed their orders for this upcoming trip (List updated!):

1) Sherry 
LV Neverfull GM (Monogram)
2) Aida 
i) LV Speedy Bandouliere 35 (Monogram)
ii) Marie Purse

3) Wan
LV Totally MM (Monogram)

4) Noorul 
Longchamp LM Medium Long Handle in Vieil Or

5) Lyssa 
LV Neverfull MM (Monogram)

6) Christie 
i) LV Neverfull MM (Damier Ebene)
ii) Longchamp Victoire Medium Long Handle in Bordeux

7) Priscillia 
LV Delightful PM (Monogram)

I now have only ONE (01) more slot left so let me know if you are interested! The reason I had to close the orders sooner was because of baggage and space constraint.

Thanks and email me at if you have any inquiries!

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