Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pre-orders Haul Has Arrived!!!

Hi Guys!!!

Your items have safely reached our Malaysian shores!!! Yay!!!

In the meantime, do give me some time to sort each of them out for you ya. It's alot and I need to cross check it again just to be sure that all orders are correct despite the shopping frenzy :P

I think I pretty much managed to get your specific orders and looking forward to sending them out soonest. :) Will try to get them all delivered by next week!

In the meantime, do check out the Super Duper sale I am going to have for some of the existing / still available items posted on the blog. The items have been around too long and because it's also taking up my closet space,I guess I will have to compromise on the prices after all. My loss is your gain definitely!! :D I don't mind letting them go at bargain prices, and these are all authentic designer items that we are talking here! Oh, but please also be reasonable in your asking price, you stilll need to give these items some 'face' too so don't la expect me to sell a miu miu coffer at rm500 okay. That's just plain cruel. Lol!!

So if you happened to see a specific item you like, don't be shy to email me at to enquire about the super duper sale price ya. I do sincerely hope that you are also a serious buyer and that you do have the intention and the funds to make your purchase. It saves us both the time too! 

Till then, I will email you Monday (30th Sept) onwards to confirm your item and address again prior to delivery. Thanks again for your support guys!!! It was indeed a pleasure serving you. 

To those who would have missed out on the pre-order Europe, there's another one taking place end Nov/early Dec so keep a lookout! 

 Till then, have a fantabulous weekend!!!


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