Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hello beautiful people!!

An extremely quick one, but we are opening orders again for europe pre-orders but this time around the orders are specifically for LONGCHAMP bags only!

the date of travel is October 20th so you can expect to receive your bags mid November.

For those who had earlier purchased via our pre-orders. I have sent the bags out albeit in batches. there will be one last batch to be posted tomorrow and we are done!! hurrah!!!! okay, so it's not exactly easy sending out bags via pos laju cause I had to make sure that the postage will not exceed our budget and also to really ensure that our customers won't have to fork out extra just because of postage!!!!! we love you peeps too much to cause any more dent to your wallets :D

those interested to purchase LONGCHAMP, you can email me at
I will quote you the price. Do scroll the previous pre-orders section too to get an idea of how much our prices are.

Thanks loads dearies!!


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