Friday, October 18, 2013


This bag was earlier reserved to a buyer who wanted it badly. But due to some unforeseen circumstances she decided to back out at the very last minute but to be fair, and knowing the agony and the pain of having a back-out buyer, she felt that it's fair for her NOT to ask for her refund back. God bless you for your kind heart dearie :)

With that I am putting this bag up for sale again and have decided to lower the price to only RM2000!!! Yeap, you read that right. :) I don't see the point of making extra profits, especially on another person's woes. It does not work that way. Hence I hope that other buyers who would have had an eye for this bag to come up and enquire since it's available now! Oh but please, no more backing out this time around.

Till then, tata dearies!!


Like brand new!!!
Soooo cantik the colour :)
Comes with dustbag and cards
Everyone is crazy over the paraty these days so it's high time you get one if you can afford it! :) practical and durable, it's a bag you will appreciate well.
Selling it at a very reasonable price.
RM2000 only!!! Such a bargain considering it's like brand new!!!!
(Inclusive of postage)

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