Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hola People!

Should any of you are interested, we are now opening orders for LV but with limited slots. Only 2 slots for each bag!!

As the date of travel falls only in November, we are giving you the option to pay in 4 months installments beginning this month (August) until November. 

Payment(s) must be completed by  Friday, 9th NOVEMBER 2012 or risk not getting your bag nor your deposit back. (yes, we need to be pretty strict about this, your kind understanding is much appreciated!) :)

Deposit(s) are non-refundable. So please do think it through before you place your orders. The reason I am doing this is to prevent any last minute cancellation / back-out buyers.

You can expect to receive your bags by the 28th of November onwards! (YAY!!) Oh, and bags will come with DUSTBAG, PAPERBAG, CARDS AND GIFT RECEIPTS. No boxes as it would be too heavy to lug around! 

If you do have other specific bag(s) in mind, kindly email direct  to me ( with the code / style number and I will quote you the price. 

The LOUIS VUITTON Store(s) will sometime limit the number of items / purchases allowed for each customer. Therefore, in the event that I am not able to help buy your bag, your money will be fully refunded once I return from my trip. 


Speedy 30 - RM 2100
 Speedy 30 (Bandouliere) - RM 3024

Speedy 35 (Bandouliere) - RM 3050 (1 slot reserved, 1 more slot available!!)

Totally PM - RM 2709
Totally MM - RM 3129 (1 slot reserved, 1 more slot available!)
 Totally GM - RM 3365

Neverfull PM - RM 2142
Neverfull MM - RM 2268 (FULLY BOOKED!!)
Neverfull GM - RM 2394 (1 slot reserved, 1 more slot available!!)

Sully PM - RM 3381
Sully MM - RM 3801

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